Теплицы и Коровники


STRENGTH AND RELIABILITY — a heavy-duty composite frame is ready to withstand any natural conditions: snow, wind, etc. The strength of the glass of composite profiles is similar to that of metal profiles, superior to galvanized, aluminum and wood analogs.

DURABILITY — the composite material has a service life of at least 50 years, does not rust and does not decay, can withstand temperature changes: (+ -200 C), bacterial, chemical, termite, etc., is resistant to ultraviolet rays, does not absorb moisture.

ECONOMY — the thermal conductivity of the glass-composite frame is comparable with wooden analogs, which additionally allows saving heat inside the greenhouse. Minimal operating costs: does not require maintenance, treatment and painting of the surface.

EASE OF OPERATION — the composite frame is easy to clean, does not require disinfection, does not absorb moisture. The structure of the composite greenhouse is convenient in operation, has a presentable appearance, and has the effect of a warm material.