“ONIX G C” being the only producer of concrete formworks in the Transcaucasia region, manufacture and provide unique FRP pultruded formworks for any types of construction.

Recently a brand new product appeared in the construction materials’ market  profiled fiberglass plastic, made by means of pultrusion technology. This composite material has no analogs and compared with traditional materials, have much better physical, thermal physical, dielectric and mechanical features, low specific weight, high ecological safety, durability, wide range of application temperatures  from  -60 °С till +2 00  °С, as well as high anticorrosion properties.

Compared with traditional decking, his product’s advantages are following:

  • Our elements are much lighter,
  • Our formworks are incredibly stronger, moisture free and non-deformable,
  • There is no need of any fasteners, nails or screws usage,
  • The same universal formworks are used for different construction purposes to make walls, poles, bearings, roofing, etc.
  • Being an ideal thermo insulator, shows an exceptional durability in any aggressive environment,
  • Formwork could be used more than 500 times again and again,
  • Absolutely resistible in case of any pigments used in concrete,
  • Thermal expansion coefficient is equal to zero in any climatic conditions,
  • Never corrode or decay