1.Pultrusion basalt plastics and fiberglass plastics

Pultruded basalt plastics and fiberglass plastics are composite material, made from basalt and glass fibers, processed in thermo reactive resin, pulled through 150° heated filler according to pultrusion technology. 

Strength – more than steel have, and besides more lighter than latter.

There is no need to reinforce basalt plastics and fiberglass plastics profiles, so it serve as reinforcing element itself.

Thermal conductivity – basalt plastics and fiberglass plastics profiles preserve heat very well, and their thermal conductivity might be compared with wood only.

Environmental safety – even in high temperature basalt plastics and fiberglass plastics emits nothing harmful to air.

Basalt plastics and fiberglass plastics profiles have minimal thermal deformation, and its linear expansion coefficients as well as other parameters stay constant in -70°С до +170 °С corridor.

Operating life (durability) of basalt plastics and fiberglass plastics materials are almost endless, may never corrode and be affected by sun rays, rain drops or cold.

2.Profiles of broad application from pultruded basalt and fibreglass

Based on modern pultrusion technology we are able to produce profiles of any shape we need. They are strong because of basalt fiber and glass fibers, and protected from any harm because of resin, creating a basic matrix, covering the surface of fibers to resist to any chemical influence, which makes best guarantees of durability and safety for composite profile.


  1. Cottages for every taste
  2. Mansard floors
  3. Timbering for monolithic construction
  4. Windows, doors and stained-glass windows
  5. Ladders and handrail
  6. Small architectural forms
  7. construction of dry wall lining

Rural farms

  1. Greenhouses to any design
  2.  Walls of the bottom and mobile partitions of reservoirs
  3.  Refrigerators and storages
  4.  Racks for the anti-hail of grids
  5.  Cross ties for vineyards
  6. Facilities for livestock and bird


1  .  T / substation

2  .  Support for low-voltage and high-voltage AEP

3 . Support for lighting


1 . Elevated transitions for routes

2 . Lateral protections for routes

3 . Silencing screens for routes

4 . Support for road signs

5 . Design for gas and fuel gas stations

Cultural actions

1 . Scenes

2  .  Amphitheaters

Defensive industry

1    .Warehouses for explosives

2 . Quickly built constructions