About Company

“Onix GC”, founded in 1992 as the only Transcaucasian manufacturer of formwork for monolithic construction, produced and offered metal formwork for building companies. The company has a complete formwork program. Particular attention is paid to finding optimal solutions for formwork tasks. We can make every detail as convenient for operation on a particular construction site as possible. A striking example of this is the latest largest construction in the Armenian capital Yerevan, the church of Grigor Lusavorich and the

reconstruction of the Republican Stadium, the decision of the shuttering tasks of which was successfully carried out by the creative ‘Onix GC’.


Using our rich long-term experience in developing and manufacturing of formwork and scaffolding, our company also dealt with the development and implementation of unique metal structures. Such designs were specially designed for specific purposes – mainly for mass events held outdoors. Below you will find just a few examples of the work carried out by our company.

A theatrical performance “The battle of Avarayr of 1550” was staged on the Republican Stadium”. A stage area of 600 sq./m was mounted, and a huge design imitation of a floating ship of Noah’s Ark was installed in the center of the field in just one night.

The scene stage with a total area of more than 1000 sq./m, supporting 19 m high and 20.5 – 25 m wide structures for the light technology were developed, manufactured and assembled for the music light show “Light your candle” on the 3rd of January 2001 on the Republic Square.

A truly grand event of the international duduk festival “Melodies of the Armenian Mountains”, was held in Gyumri. One main stage and two mobile ones were mounted on the square of the city. The idea of the designers was a success, and thanks to the mobile scenes, a concert lasting almost 5 hours was practically uninterrupted.

At the beginning of August, two amphitheaters, a parterre and a stage with a total area of 800 square meters were arranged on the historical ruins of the temple of “Zvartnots” for the open-air opera performances.

On June 16, 2001, the premiere of the rock opera “Grigor Lusavorich” was held at the “Cascade” city complex. A stage with an area of 800 sq. m, 5 m high was erected.

In this area as well as in its main profile, our company has occupied an exceptional place in the business of Armenia. It is enough to give just one example: in 2001 Onix GC was elected as the general contractor for the celebration of the 1700th anniversary of the proclamation of Christianity as the state religion in Armenia. During these unprecedented events, our company provided design, construction and manufacturing of special structures. And it was awarded a letter of gratitude from the President of Armenia.

The result of many years of practical experience and developments in the field of small-piece metal formwork and metal structures was the fact that no major construction in Armenia could be done without the use of our products or services. Modern equipment, high-quality materials and high professionalism of our engineers and workers made it possible to produce and offer our customers competitive goods and services.

As a result of the work carried out, the company was also entrusted with the maintenance of the concert of the world-famous symphonic orchestra “La Scala” and the gala concert “Oh, country Armenia” in the K. Demirchyan Sports Concert Complex.

Starting from 2013, the company is keeping pace with future technologies and offers its customers a pultruded fiberglass formwork for all building structures.


The company “Onix GC” also offers fiberglass and basalt plastic profiles of wide application for almost all areas of the economy.

“… Currently, the company accounts for more than 45 copyright certificates.”