Doors and Windows

Pultruded Fiberglass plastics are composite material, made from glass fibers, processed in thermo reactive resin, pulled through 150° heated filler according to pultrusion technology. 
What’s the reason of using FRP in windows profiles production? FRP have number of characteristics all in one:

Strength – more than steel have, and besides more lighter than latter.

There is no need to reinforce FRP profiles, so it serve as reinforcing element itself.

Thermal conductivity – FRP profiles preserve heat very well, and their thermal conductivity might be compared with wood only.

Environmental safety – even in high temperature FRP emits nothing harmful to air.

FRP profiles have minimal thermal deformation, and its linear expansion coefficients as well as other parameters stay constant in -70°С до +170 °С corridor. There is no need for any adjustment of window furniture while assembly, compared with those made from PVC or aluminum profiles.

Operating life (durability) of FRP materials are almost endless, may never corrode and be affected by sun rays, rain drops or cold.

Our Company, introducing Canadian “Inline Fiberglass” technology, offer to its Customers FRP windows and doors.